Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water foundation and Aquacealer Concealer: For a complexion as Smooth as the Smoothest Seashell

Buffing in Tarte’s Water foundation and Aquacealer Concealer
If there’s one piece of mythical holy grail makeup that I’m essentially always on a mission to find, it’s The ideal Foundation. Although I’m not one to purchase several different foundations at once, I do delight in testing new formulas whenever I finish one (you’ll practically never catch me using the same foundation twice).

Formulas are always described as being “out of this world,” and in numerous cases I think they actually are quite innovative. That’s one of the things that excites me about foundation. On top of that, a great foundation and concealer can make all the difference in the world to really set off your makeup.


The new Tarte Rainforest of the Sea collection includes two fabulous, distinct base makeup formulas with their Water foundation and Aquacelaer concealer.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water foundation and Aquacealer Concealer
Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water foundation and Aquacealer Concealer
First, Tarte Water foundation ($39 for 1 fl oz. bottle) will have you ready for summer fun in the sun because it includes SPF 15.

I tend to apply additional sunblock products below my foundations, even the ones that have SPF, because you can never be too careful with your skin, but it’s also a relief to know that my base products also have me covered (ha, see what I did there?) when.


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Although the formula is full coverage, Water foundation includes as much as 20% water, which is implied to hydrate skin while also covering redness, blemishes, unevenness and dark spots. The applicator (shown down below on the left) is a pipette-style dropper that picks up a fair amount of product from the bottle. One “pump” of the dropper sufficiently covers my full face, but I find that it works best when I put one full pump on the back of my hand first, and then pick the product up with a brush from there to blend on my face.

As for Tarte Aquacealer Concealer ($26 for a 0.34 fl oz. bottle), the luminous and creamy formula is like a serum in that it feels emollient while blending and sets to an extremely hydrating, refreshing finish, particularly around my under-eye area.

Formulated to conceal and brighten under the eyes, as well as cover blemishes and a whole gamut of other skin concerns, Aquacealer is a high-coverage workhorse when it concerns hiding skin unmentionables.

And I love the huge doe-foot applicator! I mean, seriously, it’s like Tarte took a growth ray to one of your favorite lip gloss applicators and grew it threefold! Why aren’t all concealers equipped with this kind of doe foot?!

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water foundation and Aquacealer Concealer Applicators

The formula (below on the left) isn’t quite as runny and watery as the foundation (below on the right). The texture and formula remind me of MAC pro Longwear Concealer, while the foundation’s formula reminds me of Armani’s high end Maestro formula. 

Maestro is known for its silky smooth formula and the way that it sort of evaporates to leave pigment behind without any of the thickness I in some cases associate with foundations, and Tarte Water foundation is similarly water-ful and evaporates in a similar way. It practically feels like you aren’t wearing anything whatsoever once it’s applied.

The downside to this, though, is that you need to work quickly. I’ve evaluated it with a charm Blender as well as the Tarte Double-Ended foundation Brush, and with either application method, it tends to dry down and oxidize very quickly, leaving you with little time to blend. So relocation quickly, mermaids!

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Aquacealer Concealer in Light and Light Medium, Water foundation in Light medium Beige, Light medium Honey and Light medium Neutral
Now, to get down to the nitty-gritty, because I bet you’re now wondering, “Alright, Jessica, that’s all great, but how do these wear?”

In a word: great! I get over 12 hours of wear time out of both of them, and that includes standing up to the demands of a busy working mom. My one grievance (if you can call it that?) is how rapidly they dry down.

I don’t like heavy foundations, so I typically blend a small amount of foundation around my entire face to guarantee light, yet even, coverage of my complexion and problem areas, and my general application technique just doesn’t work with Tarte Water foundation because of how rapidly it sets.

So, I find myself applying much more than I typically would, and possibly because of this, I find that Water foundation draws a bit much more attention to my dry spots than I would like. Thankfully, I’m able to purchase myself a bit much more application time if I apply it over a primer.


Tarte Aquacealer Concealer is the true starदुई उत्पादनहरु मध्ये मेरो नम्र राय मा। इमोलनिवृत्ति, नाली र कुनै तरिकाले उच्च प्रकाशित बिना, यो पहिले नै मेरो दैनिक बेस मेकअप दिनचर्याको अभिन्न हिस्सा भइसकेको छ।

कडा गन्धले केहि मेकअप प्रेमीहरूलाई बन्द गर्न सक्दछ, तर यसलाई एक्लोसिओलर सेटको रूपमा हराउँछ।

केवल उत्सुक, तर कसले तपाईंको मनपर्ने फाउन्डेशन आवेदक बनाउँदछ? मलाई लाग्छ कि यो एक प्रश्न हो कि धेरै मेकअप प्रेसका लागि एक कडा राय छ।

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